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Picture Name Position Building Email Web Page Ext
profile picture Ray Breininger Math Teacher High School / Middle School Ray.Breininger@centrallocal.org
profile picture Nicole Carone Intervention Spec. Teacher High School Nicole.Carone@centrallocal.org
profile picture Jacqueline Davis Spanish Teacher High School Jacqueline.Davis@centrallocal.org Webpage
profile picture Eric Drummelsmith English Teacher High School Eric.Drummelsmith@centrallocal.org Webpage
profile picture Sarah Friess Art Teacher Middle School / High School Sarah.Friess@centrallocal.org
profile picture Jesse Hotmire Social Studies Teacher High School Jesse.Hotmire@centrallocal.org
profile picture Lauren Hurtig English Teacher High School Lauren.Hurtig@centrallocal.org
profile picture Bodi Kauffman Math Teacher High School Bodi.Kauffman@centrallocal.org
profile picture David Miller PE Teacher Middle School / High School David.Miller@centrallocal.org
profile picture Jessica Nagel Vocational Agriculture Teacher High School Jessica.Nagel@centrallocal.org 4238
profile picture Josh Neilson Math Teacher High School Josh.Neilson@centrallocal.org
profile picture Jacob Panico Science Teacher High School Jacob.Panico@centrallocal.org
profile picture Jason Pelz Intervention Spec. Teacher High School Jason.Pelz@centrallocal.org
profile picture Roger Pence Business Education Long Term Substitute Teacher High School Roger.Pence@centrallocal.org
profile picture Ginny Pettenger Science Teacher High School Ginny.Pettenger@centrallocal.org
profile picture Doug Rakes Health Teacher High School / Middle School Doug.Rakes@centrallocal.org
profile picture Kari Rosania Band/Gen. Music Teacher High School / Middle School / Elementary School Kari.Rosania@centrallocal.org 4240
profile picture Sheryl Short English & Journalism Teacher High School Sheryl.Short@centrallocal.org
profile picture Kevin Sims Math Teacher High School Kevin.Sims@centrallocal.org
profile picture Andrew Singer Social Studies Teacher High School Andrew.Singer@centrallocal.org Webpage 4230
profile picture Jill Speiser Family & Consumer Science Teacher High School Jill.Speiser@centrallocal.org Webpage
profile picture Amy Woodring Science Teacher High School Amy.Woodring@centrallocal.org
profile picture Joe Woodring Vocal Music Teacher Middle School / High School Joe.Woodring@centrallocal.org Webpage

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